We are here to offer you few courses on web development so that you can gain knowledge about few of the web technologies like HTML, CSS, Responsive Web Design, Javascript, Jquery. These courses give you an in-depth knowledge of the web technologies starting from the basics which will help you build meaningful, semantic webpages with richer experience.


This course will help you dig in to the basics of HTML, semantic mark-up which will help you enhance your structural building ability of webpages. This course will help you build structure rich HTML pages. The topics covered under HTML training will include the basics and semantic mark-up.

  • The basic syntax of HTML elements
  • Tags in HTML
  • Structuring content
  • Building forms
  • Creating tables
  • HTML 5 Tags
  • Difference between HTML 4.01 Vs. HTML 5
  • Best practices
  • HTML Validation


CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are responsible for the appearance of the layouts or webpages. This course will help you with the basics of CSS right from the syntax, selectors, CSS properties, best practices, CSS validation. Topics for this course include

  • Writing basic selectors
  • CSS Properties
  • Inheritance of CSS
  • Styling of forms using CSS
  • Box Model
  • CSS3 Properties
  • Best Practices
  • CSS Validation

Custom Responsive Website Development

This course deals with the basics of the responsive design without using any framework. It will cover basics about adaptive, responsive and fluid layout, significance of viewport, effects of absence of viewport on the site, media queries, landscape and portrait orientation. This course will include topics like:

  • Difference between Adaptive, Responsive and Fluid layout
  • What is a viewport and significance of the same.
  • Webpage without using viewport
  • Media queries and standard resolutions
  • Landscape and portrait orientation


Javascript is a scripting language of the web technology. Javascript helps a webpage to add interactivity. HTML, CSS and Javascript together can give you well structured, fancy layout with interactivity for your webpage. This course covers basics of Javascript, syntax, variables - declaration and defination, functions and objects, working with loops, arrays, validation of javascript. Topics included under this course are:

  • What is JavaScript?
  • Variables and constants
  • Functions and objects
  • Working with loops
  • Working with Arrays
  • Validation of Javascript


Jquery is an opensource library of Javascript to add interactivity to webpage but with simplified process. This course deals with the basics of Jquery, Jquery selectors, Jquery events, Jquery effects etc. This course covers topics like:

  • What is jQuery?
  • Using selectors
  • jQuery.noConflict()
  • jQuery effects
  • jQuery events
  • jQuery Chaining

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